Doors gone wild…

Just when it seemed safe to step out onto the balcony for some fresh air, I discovered that danger lurks around every corner. We usually call this sort of thing “The Stewart Luck”. The sliding glass door in my hotel room jumped the rails, fell outward, and for some odd reason I decided to tighten my grip on the handle to take a ride with it. Weeeeeeeee!

I’m shocked that the glass didn’t shatter when it hit the outer wall, and even more so when I landed on it (this thing had some weight to it).  Maintenance came up and helped get things “back on track” so to speak…once he stopped laughing.

We gotta move these bananas..

Hum the “Money for nothing” song while reading the title of this post.  Spotted this on the street in DC down by the Treasury department.  I *love* the tire on top of the cab, it’s hard to see from the photos (snapped in haste) but the back seat was full of boxes as well.