NASA Langley’s big 100 coming soon

NASA’s Langley Research Center is thinking big as it prepares to mark its 100th birthday.  Events will start in 2016 and the festivities will gather momentum in the centennial year of 2017.

Already, employees are feeling the spirit.  On Oct. 27, an estimated 1,000 people bunched onto the apron of the center’s historic hangar to pose for an aerial centennial photo.

This is pretty cool since I sure spent almost two decades working at Langley. And I have a family member in both zeros. Had I known this was happening, probably would have totally crashed the photo shoot. 🙂



My office Friday and Saturday was the Richmond Speedway, where I hung out with Dawn and a couple other NASA folks who were manning a booth demonstrating the Resource Prospector. This is a rover in development that will scour the Moon for water beneath the surface, take core samples, and examine the specimin to determine what’s in it, and if it can be used by man, should we try to colonize the moon.

All in all, it was really great to see how interested the kids were in driving the rover, the questions they asked, and the questions their parents had. Just goes to show that science isn’t boring in the right context, and that kids really do enjoy learning – even if they claim the opposite.

Then this guy walked by: