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Hi there!

If you’re here, it’s likely because you’re having trouble commenting somewhere in the blogosphere, but we don’t think this is because of Akismet.

Please leave a test comment below, as you would comment on another persons site, then kindly respond to the support ticket you have opened with us over at  Please keep in mind, just filling out the form with something like “test comment” or the like will not be helpful in determining what may be happening.

Comment moderation is enabled here, so you may not see your comment right away, which is why it’s important to let us know when you’ve completed this form.

7 thoughts on “Spam test page

  1. I grew this native polypody from spore a few years ago when I was experimenting with the technique. I confess that I can’t recall where I gathered the spores from and although I think it may be P. cambricum (the frond shape certainly looks like it) I’m not able to pin it down 100%. Anyway, the main reason for the post is that this year, one of the fronds (only one) has emerged as almost bipinnate (certainly highly serrated -see attached photo). I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this ‘deformity’ is common in our native polypodies? Also, do you think it is possible to propagate it – the ‘rogue’ frond doesn’t have any sporangia but I could try and cut out and repot the section of rhizome from which it emerges. Or am I wasting my time?!

  2. Thanks Nick. I appreciate you looking into why other bloggers cannot see my comments. I’d been told it may be Akismet filters.

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