A little wp.com love

Why yes, I did notice that somehow all the default homepages in the computer room of the hotel I’m staying in this evening were set for WordPress.com. Wish that that engineering soul had brought some WP stickers to put on top of the Microsoft logo hanging on the wall.

Someone should probably do this every time we’re at a meetup or on travel. 🙂

The blogging challenge

Not long ago, a colleague at Automattic threw down the gauntlet with a month long blogging challenge.  The goal?  As sort of implied in the link, is to post something everyday for a month.

On the surface, this seems like a pretty simple and achievable goal.  After a few days, it became evident that it wasn’t as easy as it sounded.  Call it writers block, or a lack of excitement in my personal life, but as the days continued on it was difficult to find things to talk about.

Switch to photoblogging.  Is that cheating?  I kind of felt like it was since in my mind publishing text is synonymous with blogging.  But per the parameters of the challenge, this is okay.  My saving grace. 🙂

I love to write, but also like to take my time to flesh out a thought and articulate it to my own personal standards. Those are pretty high, which might explain why my draft to published article ratio is on completely opposite ends of the scale.  Pretty sure that’s even mentioned on my Automattic Bio page.

So, bottom line?  I enjoy writing a lot, but I’m not likely to be publishing articles at the NY Times anytime soon (not that I’m looking) – deadlines and I do not get along. At all. 🙂

To everyone who participated in this challenge, good on you!  If you finished successfully, then great! Keep up the great work.  I have a new found respect for those who blog regularly, daily and more than just once daily.

For me, I plan on writing more, but at a pace where I feel really comfortable with what is being published.  Perhaps by doing that I can increase both.


Team meetup rapidly approaching..

In just over a day, team Akismet will be descending in Hawaii, and this is the only bag in the house that is even remotely organized. Or even slightly packed. Slightly, in this case, is being substituted for “not even close”.  

In the days just before leaving, I always feel like I’m going to forget something but never seem to feel the same way when I get there. Probably because I regularly overpack .. Noah’s Ark style.  Truth be told, on my last trip I had to buy an extra bag and pay an additional fee to bring back all the swag I collected.

Likelihood of this trip being any different? Slim to non-existant. 🙂

Automattic 2013 Grand Meetup Photos

I spent the last week in both San Francisco and Santa Cruz for the annual Automattic Grand Meetup, and it was simply amazing.  Aside from smaller team gatherings, the whole company doesn’t come together in one place very often, but when we do….awesome things happen.

Here are a few photos I snapped with my phone.  Not expecting any of these to win a Pulitzer Prize for Photography, but they’re totally worth sharing.  Looking forward to next year already (where I’ll have a better camera!).