Hex, lies and shipping gates

As the minutes ticked by, Van De Moere could hardly believe what he was doing. He didn’t think of himself as a criminal. A year ago, Van De Moere—short, ponytailed, perpetually cheery—had been an ordinary information technology consultant in his native Belgium, earning a comfortable salary setting up digital voice networks for corporations. Now he was working with a Dutch drug-trafficking gang, deep into an audacious hacking scheme that authorities say smuggled tons of cocaine and heroin through the port and into cities across the continent. If the antenna worked and he got the codes, he had a chance to get his normal life back. If he screwed up, he could end up in prison or in a coffin.

Organized crime has an information technology group, and what they accomplished was nothing short of spectacular: The Mob’s IT department

Too frequent a flier

With 100,000 flights and ten million miles under his belt, American Airlines has decided that Steve Rothstein has overstayed his welcome. At least with the “unlimited travel” ticket he bought from the airline back in 1987, along with a companion ticket for a whopping $400,000 total.

The airline is saying that Rothstein has cost them $21 million dollars in flights since then. Could this be baggage fee karma?

The NY Post wrote up a piece on the places he’s gone and the people he’s helped. As well as some background on the litigation surrounding this golden ticket.  You can read the full article here.

Facebook the bike courier

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 4.58.23 PM

In a strange turn of events, a Brooklyn Judge is allowing a woman who’s having trouble locating her husband, to serve him with divorce papers via Facebook. Sending legal documents electronically isn’t really a new concept, but through social media? And especially Facebook?

Personally, I think we give Facebook too much personal information about ourselves. And they use it in a lot of weird ways. They’ll probably end up rolling this out as a new relationship status: “In litigation“, or a paid service similar to their dollar messaging service.

So be careful checking those Facebook messages, who knows what could be coming next. Might be an eviction notice, or Jury Duty. 😉

We gotta move these bananas..

Hum the “Money for nothing” song while reading the title of this post.  Spotted this on the street in DC down by the Treasury department.  I *love* the tire on top of the cab, it’s hard to see from the photos (snapped in haste) but the back seat was full of boxes as well.