Dublin Remembrance Ceremony preperations

There’s a lot of activity happening on O’Connell Street right now as everyone is getting ready for the Easter Rising¬†remembrance ceremony, bleachers are being erected, fencing is up, large televisions and speakers mounted all over in addition to a twenty-four hour patrol that started two days ago. I snapped a few behind the scenes photos of the massive amount of work that has gone into this. Really impressive given the work¬†only started a couple of days ago.

Trinity College Long Room

Today I had the opportunity to visit Trinity College, see the Book of Kells exhibit and walk through the Library’s Long Room, which was nothing short of amazing.

The Long Room (amply named) was built in 1713, is 213 feet in length, and has 200,000 of the Library’s oldest books. This was originally a single story building, but became full and had the second floor and vaulted ceilings installed in 1860. Pictures don’t do this place any justice, but I’ll share them anyways.