Under the sea (submarine cables)

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.55.36 PMIf you’ve ever wondered how data gets from one continent to another on a terrestrial level, the Submarine Cable Maps site is a pretty good roadmap. They gather data from TeleGeography and compile it into a very useful format, using Google Maps to display loads of information about the line, who owns it, the bandwidth, etc.

Wondering how those communication lines are dropped down to the bottom of ocean? The Discovery Channel did a pretty decent documentary on it here:

TE SubCom also has a pretty interesting video on how they tackle undersea lines (a bit of PR in this video, but the explanation of the methodology makes up for it).

So the next time you visit a site hosted in another country, think of the folks that helped to make that happen, and the amount of work it took.

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