The Mediterranean Fenceline


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On a rocky beach in North Africa, a chain-link fence juts out into the Mediterranean Sea.

This is one of Africa’s two land borders with Europe, at two Spanish cities on the African continent. Ceuta and Melilla are Spanish soil — and thus part of the European Union — separated from the rest of Europe by the Mediterranean, and separated from the rest of Africa by huge fences.

A look into the lives of the tens of thousands that try to flee to Europe through Africa each year. In the US, when someone says Immigration, we automatically think of our neighbors to the south. But the picture is much larger, and not without good reason. Take a moment out of your day, kick up your feet and have a quick read (or listen).

Also, if you’d like to explore Melilla (the focal point of this article), check out the city along with its massive fenceline here in Google Maps.

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