Finding the perfect desk

I’ve been trying to find my ideal desk for years now. Right now I have a modest unfinished wooden desk which suits my needs, but it’s not my dream desk. I love real wood, so that’s a basic requirement for me. For years I’ve been searching for a butchers block desk, though they tend to be terribly expensive. If the tools were readily available, I might try to make one on my own, but woodworking isn’t something that I have a lot of experience with.

While watching the show Treehouse Masters recently, I saw a beautiful desk that was milled from a single tree, sanded down and stained. This would make an amazing bit of furniture in my office:


Not so great photo taken with my phone, couldn’t find a better photo online anywhere. I’ve looked around the immediate area and we don’t have any mills that are really close by. There is one mobile milling service in the area, but I don’t have any downed trees for them to cut up. My neighbors do seem to have quite a few trees, perhaps they would be willing to part with one of them. Would help cut down on some raking in the fall too. Win win.

The search continues though, butchers block, milled or bust!

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