Akismette has arrived – (cc/ @nickhamze, @danhauk)

Peyton fancies herself a designer. She’s told me on more than one occasion that I need to bring her to an Automattic meetup so that she can share the infinite wealth of knowledge and skills that she’s developed over the last twelve years with our design teams. And she’s very adamant about it. Seriously.

Around July of last year, she decided that the Akisbot (the mascot for the Akismet team) looked lonely and needed a companion. So, she came up with this concept:


Our amazing Akismet ED&STT (emergency design and swag triage team), which consists of Dan Hauk and Nick Hamze, were able to immediately crank out this into a top-notch graphic worthy of being turned into shirts and stickers:


Today, the “original designer” and “Nick’s boss” as she proclaims (and mind you, only twelve) received a pretty awesome package in the mail. Needless to say, she was pretty excited!

Got to admit, I am too, well done everyone!  And now I have a new sticker for the laptop! 🙂


As an aside, Peyton also mentioned that Akismette was taller than Akisbot; expressed some concerns about that relationship. Mind blown.

One thought on “Akismette has arrived – (cc/ @nickhamze, @danhauk)

  1. Amazing. So happy she got it and thank her for giving Akisbot a girlfriend. He was indeed lonely. And it was a lot of fun bringing her to life.

    There will be another run of updated Akisbot stickers in which he will have grown.

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