“Elation is a WIFI Building”

The Akismet team is staying at the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort in sunny Destin Florida for our January “Get the hell out of the cold” meetup (which, by the way, isn’t quite living up to the name). This sign was tacked up on the ground floor of the resort we’ve decided to call home for a week:


The internet is always very important when selecting a venue for our retreats, without a rock solid connection there’s not much we can do in the way of projects and regular work. The “Elation” building does indeed have wireless internet access, provided by Cox, so I decided to run some tests in the dead of night (and off season) to see how they compared to my trusty Verizon MiFi on LTE. The results were a little surprising.

Results from the Cox (Elation provided) internet access:


And the results from my Verizon MiFi access point on their cellular LTE data network:


Verizon wins this round, doubling both upload and download speeds over Cox. Not that 14/3 is bad, but I can only imagine the slowdowns during the busy seasons. Obviously LTE is going to be more expensive in the long run, but I found it odd that a wired transit provider would be slower than a cellular service.

Don’t get me wrong though, back home I use Cox and they’re as reliable as can be, with 100Mbps download speeds and 30Mbps upload. They’re the fastest available in my area, and I’ve had virtually no issues with them at all.

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