On the taking of notes

IMG_5386I’m a prolific note taker. Scribbling down my thoughts on paper is a daily occurrence. Even with the advent of online note taking software such as Simplenote (shameful plug for a product my company makes), Evernote, email and Google Docs, I prefer a pen and pad. Don’t get me wrong though, these all eventually make it to some sort of online storage….but for keeping track of things in the moment, paper is where it’s at for me. The image to the left of this text is one of the many notebooks that I keep handy to record my thoughts, or items of interest that I plan on researching sometime in the future. These notebooks are also home to many to-do lists, itineraries, and newspaper article cutouts.


My handwriting is atrocious, and I won’t even remotely try to defend this fact. I’ve spent so many years (decades) in front of a keyboard typing as opposed to writing by hand, and my penmanship has really taken a hit. I spend a lot of time watching documentaries, historical and science related shows, and more times than not, there’s a ton of stuff mentioned that I’d like to look into more. Filled up two pages tonight between Smithsonian channel shows on Arizona, Maine and New York.

Sure, could have grabbed the laptop, iPad or phone to write these things down. But there’s something about pen and pad that really appeals to me. And I get to remain unplugged from the internet at large during the evening by doing things this way, which is nice. I also keep a pen and pad by the bed, for when thoughts creep into my brain late at night. This happens much more than I’d care to admit.  Being able to jot them down saves the idea, and helps me to get back to trying to sleep.

Any other compulsive note takers out there? What’s your preferred method?

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