Regarding sorting folders

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 7.22.55 PMEveryone has a ‘sort me’ folder somewhere on their computer for photos, right? If you don’t, it’s only because you forgot about it… You have one. I know you do. If you don’t (see aforementioned note, that you actually do) then you should create one now, so that you can follow along with this post. Once you’re done reading, go back and find the real one. It’s like Christmas and Black Friday all rolled up into one folder. Chaos and bliss.

While cleaning up my machine tonight I found one, then another and then another. As as I started looking through them, it was discovered that this┬átask would more closely resemble an archaeological dig as there were also ‘sort me’ folders inside folders and subfolders. All in all, about 90GB worth of photos and videos that need attention.

Don’t judge me. I horde data. And apparently photos.

Ok, so lots of photos. Headed over to SmugMug to start trying to upload them into some sort of logical, well thought out format only to make a dreadful discovery. I have a couple of layers of ‘sort me’ folders there as well, and none of them duplicates. “You like things in neatly tied bundles” a friend once said to me. I totally agree, and that’s my year end goal.

Oh, and that “sort me” graphic above … just went into a “misc images” folder. I need help.