“Fixing” a Belkin iPhone dock

I probably should have read more reviews before buying this Belkin iPhone dock, as it turns out, it won’t work if you have a case on the phone. The “Fits most phone cases” line item in the description is rubbish, the lightning cable leads aren’t long enough even for a very slim case.


I could have returned it, ranted on Twitter and left a bad review (which I still plan on doing) or perhaps just order something else, but it’s here. And I want to use it. So… powertools.

First order of business, take it apart to get at the cable:


This is the little bugger that’s causing problems, the flat edge of the cable is preventing a solid connection by millimeters.


An exacto blade would probably have done the trick, but I opted for a heavier-handed and much more rewarding option.


After a minute of cut, smoldering plastic flying around on my workbench and another minute to reassemble the dock, things are looking good. And yeah, that’s a small bit of metal exposed now. Think it was just for stability, multimeter doesn’t show any voltage across it.


Boom. Fixed. Charging.


Off to the next project.