A (redacted) day in the life on the Akismet team

Many of my colleagues have recently posted about their workdays, which you can follow here. This inspired me to share a little about my days, and what I work on.

So, as many of you know, I work on the Akismet team at Automattic. We battle spam across all of WordPress.com, countless self-hosted WordPress sites, and quite a few other major comment platforms such as Disqus.  Below, I’ve outlined what I work on from day to day.

As much as I’d like to be more forthcoming, all I can say is that we eat, breathe and sleep spam. Akismet is a little different from the rest of the company, in that we’re not quite as transparent, and for good reason. Spam is an ever-evolving thing, an epic battle between good and evil. As they adapt, so should we, but not at the expense of exposing how we actually get things done.

So, that’s my day in and day out. For things that we can share, check out the Moderation Queue blog.


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