Roadtrip – Day 2

Day two was kind of a wash. Literally.  It rained almost all day which really tanked most of our outdoor plans.

We did manage to take a self-guided driving tour of the Gettysburg battlefields, our host from the Inn at Lincoln Square loaned us a set of CDs that talked about the various points of interest, historical value, etc. But my CD player ate it. No joke.  Took about an hour of fiddling with the radio to get the thing ejected. *Sigh*.

Unfortunately because of the rain I didn’t get a lot of pictures, and the few that I did take were with my phone – not getting my other camera waterlogged.

After wrapping up in Gettysburg, we headed off to Lancaster for the next leg in our trip.  We booked a room at the Cork Factory Hotel which, as the name implies, is an old cork factory that was converted into a hotel.  The photos of the rooms were pretty impressive, brick interior walls and exposed wood ceilings. It was rather disappointing to get perhaps the one room where everything had been painted white, but really nice nonetheless.

More to come.

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