A little road trip – Day 1

Every year around this time, the wife and I go on a little road trip for our anniversary. The idea is to see something new, interesting and to unplug for a few days which I think everyone should do regularly.

This year we decided to visit a few places in Pennsylvania: Gettysburg, Lancaster and Philadelphia. We’ll focus a little on Gettysburg for the time being.

First, I should mention that the trip from VA to PA wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. My GPS apparently harbors some sort of grudge against me, I’m not quite sure how I’ve wronged the device in the past, but clearly I haven’t paid my penance yet. In the spirit of not passing up the opportunity to screw with me, this faithful companion decided to take us straight through Georgetown DC during rush hour just for fun instead of staying on the highway. Hour and a half lost right away to traffic. I get lost easily, my sense of direction is pretty awful, some of you should know that from meetups … a couple of blocks can prove a challenge.

On our first night we stayed at The Inn at Lincoln Square in the third floor suite. As advertised, the accommodations were very cozy and the room had a very rustic look to it with hardwood floors and giant horizontal beams lining the ceiling. And make no mistake, those beams are quite solid…the back of my head can attest to that.


We had dinner at the Dobbin House Tavern which is a restored late 1700s era home turned into a colonial restaurant where you can eat in one of six themed rooms. We ended up in the spinning room which was pretty unique. The food was great, if you’re in the area I highly recommend checking it out.


Downtown was quaint, we walked around a bit taking in some of the sights. The view of the square (which our host couldn’t help but point out was really a circle and should be renamed – history be damned) was quite nice from our third floor flat:


More to come, if you’re having trouble sleeping then stay tuned. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A little road trip – Day 1

  1. Glad you got away for another adventure. The sense of direction thing or lack there of seems to be hereditary. I suffer from the same!

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