Catchup – Raspberry Pi – Lofty Goals..

I feel like I’ve forgotten more than I learned … It’s been a while since experimenting with the Raspberry Pi, and I figure by posting, I might find some motivation to work on it. Or peer pressure.

I’ve compiled some notes here, hope to expand on them quickly. Loving, their web interface is awesome – If you’ve never heard of them, they provide a circuit diagram service thats fantastic.  I’ve used them to create diagrams in several posts.

Back to the Pi .. so many ideas ..

  • Weather Station
  • Home Automation (randomly turn off and on lights, monitor environmentals)
  • Packaged appliance to deploy to a family members home or business (saves the time of actually going to the said location – out of band management so to speak)
  • Webcam (already did this one – code to be posted soon, see below)
  • Traffic stoplight that displays the current LAN status
  • Evil robot capable of world domination
  • Other awesome stuff!

Months ago, I wrote some code that, along with an external USB webcam, turned the Pi into a time-lapse camera, and even joined the photos together into one great big animated gif file (though the concept wasn’t mine).  I’ll release the code for that one as soon as I find it – as it turns out – the Pi’s are very particular about being powered down.  If not done right, the SD cards are corrupted, and you’re up shits creek.

Automattic 2013 Grand Meetup Photos

I spent the last week in both San Francisco and Santa Cruz for the annual Automattic Grand Meetup, and it was simply amazing.  Aside from smaller team gatherings, the whole company doesn’t come together in one place very often, but when we do….awesome things happen.

Here are a few photos I snapped with my phone.  Not expecting any of these to win a Pulitzer Prize for Photography, but they’re totally worth sharing.  Looking forward to next year already (where I’ll have a better camera!). 

Fire dancing video from the Automattic meetup

What’s the best way to unwind after a long day at the office?  A couple of drinks at a bar?  Pfft… Not at Automattic.  You’d need to add awesome snacks, over 200 close friends, and wait for it… Fire Dancers. Yep, that’s right .. Fire Dancers.

There’s no adequate description for the awesomeness that IS Automattic, both the company and the people.  But there is video to show a small piece of it.

Oh, did I mention that we’re hiring?