Upgraded to Cox’s Ultimate Package

A few days back I decided to upgrade from our 30/6 internet package to the Cox Ultimate service and so far I’m pretty happy with it.  I figured since I’m working from home full-time now that it would be reasonable to go ahead and upgrade, plus I’m a bandwidth whore.  The package is advertised at 100mbps download and 20mbps upload. Depending on where I run a speed test to, it’s pretty close:

I was a little disappointed to see that my iDevices weren’t able to take advantage of the jump in speed.  From testing, my iPad2 was able to do about 20/20 and my iPhone 4S was able to do about 35/20.  The whole reason for upgrading was that I just bought a second Dropcam for the house, and with each one eating up about 500kbps, our connection was slowed significantly.  Now it’s no concern at all, and all the bandwidth hungry devices in the house no longer have to worry about butting heads.

I figure I can get away with the increased cost until my wife either sees this post, or notices the monthly statement has increased.  Cross your fingers that neither happens. 🙂

Followup: Speeds are still rocking!


Akismet & Your WordPress Contact Forms

Moderation Queue

We often hear from Akismet users on WordPress that, even after activating our plugin, they are being flooded with spam via their contact forms. While Akismet will automatically begin checking all comments submitted on your post and page comment forms, we can’t simply hook into any contact form plugin (or theme) and handle those submissions, as well. The good news is that there are some really great (and free!) contact form plugins out there that include Akismet integration, and we thought that we’d let you know about them in case you’re in the market.

Jetpack by WordPress.com
Although Jetpack brings you a ton of other features that are native to WordPress.com, it includes a simple and powerful contact form module that is automatically integrated with the Akismet service. You’ll also notice that the submission queue has been designed to mirror the native WordPress comment queue as closely as possible to…

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