Trip to the Meadows of Dan

Wow, it’s sure been a while since I updated this blog. Let’s kick things back into gear.

My wife and I celebrated our 15th year anniversary just a few days ago. We always try to take a long weekend trip somewhere we haven’t been before, usually rural or off the beaten path. It’s nice to get away from it all.

This year we found a quaint little cabin overlooking a lake in the Meadows of Dan in western Virginia.  The trip there was fairly uneventful until we got into the outcrops of the town, once we started up the side of the mountain the roads got much more windy, steep and a little sketchy for a city slicker.  The posted speed limit was 55 even though we barely broke 30-35 mph the entire way.

The cabin is located just over the Blue Ridge Parkway, we literally had to drive right over it to get down the driveway. The cabin was located on the same property as the owners home, which was quite a large parcel of land with several hiking trails running through it. Here are a few photos of the cabin:

One of the great things about the cabin was that there was no television, no telephone and no AT&T cellular reception (anywhere in the area really).  Truly getting away and unplugging was great.  The downside was that in order to get to a grocery store (Food Lion was the closest) or Wal-Mart for supplies, you really had to make a trek.  18 miles through the mountains took us about 45 minutes give or take.

On Sunday we headed west on the parkway hoping to do some sight seeing, or hiking. Little did we know, but there was a tremendous fog covering the area. As we went further west, it thickened, and thickened.

At that point we decided it was best to turn back, we were barely doing 20mph (it got much worse than this photo, we just stopped taking pictures at this point).  I think when we turned back we were about 10 miles from I-77, which around the same time there was a 95-car pileup on the interstate.

Once we got back, we decided to just hang out, read and play a few card  games before dinner. No sense in venturing out in that mess!  The proprietors Peter and Kathleen stopped by to check on us and told us of the accidents, we had no clue since there was no television. Very nice folks though, attentive but not intrusive.  I’ll throw them a little business now, the cabin is available for rental on

The trip out of town to I-81 back to the interstate was quite an interesting drive, very long windy, steep hills and sharp turns (like the trip in) but intensified by a factor of ten. I think it took about two hours to get to the interstate. Fun game to play along the way — find a city sign on the side of the road that *doesn’t* have buckshot holes in it. If you find one, post it in the comments! 🙂

We had a great time getting away, but it’s nice to be back on flat land.

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