And Netflix/iPhone arrives!

Just yesterday Netflix released their much awaited iPhone app (or I should say, Apple approved and published their app to the iTunes store). So far I’m pretty impressed with it.

The application allows you to obviously browse your instant queue, watch whatever you like and resume where you left off should you change directions on them. One thing I was surprised to see when I first logged into the application was that I was using all six of my licenses. Very much akin to the iTunes “authorized computers” schema. I was directed to their website where I had the option to kill devices, some of which I had not streamed on in quite some time. The message on that screen said that devices can be added and removed pretty much at will, so no big deal there.

So, back to the app. The video quality is very good, comparable to a downloaded movie from the store (or one you ripped). WiFI was very fast obviously, but 3G wasn’t really too far behind it, took a few moments to load and buffer, but solid after that.

I’m really glad I stuck with my grandfathered unlimited data plan with AT&T, I could see how getting an application like this approved would benefit them greatly financially as users on a limited data plan burn through their megabytes and gigabytes without a second thought. Careful out there, oh limited bandwidth users. Everyone else, burn it up! Cheers.